Our Story

In May 1947, a professor from Ottumwa Bible College, Iowa, and two men held a tent meeting in east Superior. They offered evangelical preaching of the Bible. As a result of this meeting, a handful of believers, including Lois Stineman, sought to keep Christ’s Church alive in Superior supported by several members of area Churches of Christ. George Thayer, Bill Robb & Clarence Gharring purchased an Army barracks. It was painted and lined and became the first permanent meeting place of SCC. Through Evangelistic meetings, the congregation began to grow. Female students of Ottumwa Bible College came during the summers of the 1950’s to conduct VBS Classes.

A number of ministers faithfully endeavored to teach the Word of God. Often these men would drive for miles to preach, and many shared their ministry with nearby congregations. All too often, this was with very little pay for their services. Daniel Escritt served as the first SCC minister. Paul Douglass, Loren Daly and Ken Peterson were the first ministers to serve and live in Superior. The church began to experience steady growth. An extensive calling program was begun. In December 1977, the church called Sherman Sack as their first full-time minister followed by Ken Fairbrother, Mark Imel, Jim Stark, Dr. Jeff Collins, Ben Poole, and current pastor, Mike Sander.

Between 1967 and 1971, the church purchased three lots adjoining the church property with the idea that someday they would build a new house of worship. The house just east of the old church building served as a parsonage, fellowship hall, and extra classrooms.

In March of 1978, the house on the corner lot was demolished and on May 28,  the church broke ground on what was to be the new house of worship. Through the combined efforts of the main contractor and the people of the congregation, the building was completed for use by December 1978. The dedication of the building was held on May 27, 1979. Less than ten years later, in the winter of 1988-89 the mortgage had been paid in full with the official Mortgage burning held on March 5, 1989. In October of 1991, the church held a ground breaking ceremony for the new fellowship hall, which was added on to the west side of the existing building, and was completed in May 1992. This facility includes a kitchen and space for fellowship dinners, with additional classrooms in the basement. The church celebrated its 50th Anniversary in the summer of 1997.

In 1982, the parsonage, which sits on the southeast corner from the church, was purchased from Jay & Fern Morris. It has been extensively remodeled with an addition of a 2 car garage with shop area.

Because of the patient faith of the congregation, the church continued to grow. Certainly, the church has seen many changes throughout the years and with growth comes change. We are thankful for the faithfulness of those who passed before us such as charter member, Lois Stineman, as well as long-time members, Wilma Thornton & Sylvia Williams, who kept the doors open, allowing the church to prosper. They were rooted in the Word and dedicated to serving others in the name of Jesus.

In 2022, the leadership unanimously voted to change the name, Superior Church of Christ, to Harvest Christian Church.

Harvest thrives today, through the grace of God and the selfless acts of giving and serving God and holding true to the original theme: “No book but the Bible, no creed but Christ.” We look forward to serving Christ until Jesus comes again.

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